Saturday, 28 December 2013

Spaces and Places

So one of the perks of Photography is getting to travel. Below is a collection of images I've taken from around the world, from London to Melbourne and everywhere in-between.


Friday, 27 December 2013

Classic Black and White

There is just something so simple and classic about black and white photography... here is a very special lady and her beautiful bump.

 Frankie aged 3 with her Baby Brother Bump and Frankie aged 6 with her soon to be Baby Sister Bump...

My Dream Studio - 2014 is the year i'm going to make it happen! Images from Pinterest.

Dear 2014... (The year I go official as a full time photographer) Please be kind to me :)
 After 8 years of being passionate about my art, and dreaming of my own studio for what seems a lifetime, I've decided the time is now to throw everything I've got at you.
Love, Money, Blood, Sweat and Tears! 
Hope your ready for me...

Portrait Work - A likeness of a person.

So portraits have to be one of my favourite types of images, a portrait could be many a thing. It's a single image that represents who you are at that one time, one place in your life, be it a feeling an expression, something your wearing, eating... I love portraits! Here are a few to ponder upon...

Little People.

 I love being on location with little people, working with the natural environment.

 I  specialise in rustic natural photography using locally sourced organic products and encourage kids to be kids. Getting messy, splashing, crunching, crashing, exploring, you name it - I've photographed it :)

Here is a selection of my work this year.


Beautiful Bumps and Babies.

A post dedicated to all the beautiful mummies and babies I've met along the way!
These shoots are so precious and intimate, a treasured memory of pregnancy.


And they lived happily ever after... A selection of wedding images.

So since starting a career in Photography I have been lucky enough to have worked on some beautiful weddings throughout Dorset and I wanted to share a few of my favourites.
 I am a true romantic and specialise in creating images that capture the little moments that make up a wedding.
Ah how much I love my job!