Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sparkle Pop Mail - The Snail Mail Revolution

Yesterday after searching through some wonderful colourful posts on instagram, I came across a rather exciting and new concept to me :) Snail mail!
I sat there looking at these incredibly bright bursts of confetti, elaborate papers covered in exquisite calligraphy, perfectly wrapped packages with vintage stamps and wondered what was I missing?! What are all the hashtags about?  #snailmail #confetticourrier and why?
Well it's a new revelation that is taking the US by storm thanks to a lady named @paytonfrank and it's basically an excuse to spend a little time getting creative! Just my cup of tea.
It's in essence, a mail swap...  once a month you create something beautiful, be it an illustration, a hand painted quote, postcard, label, tag... the list is endless. You bundle it up beautifully with some goodies that all match into a theme or particular colour scheme and send it to your assigned sparkle pop mail buddy by the 20th of each month.
In return you get a surprise in the mail from someone sending you your very own sparkle pop mail package too :)
So if you are a calligrapher, illustrator, artist or just someone who likes to receive beautiful snail mail why not join the January mail swap? Email me at to add your name to the list and receive a buddy address to send your parcel to this month in the next few days. All we ask is that you take glorious pictures as you go and use #sparklepopmail to post them on instagram!
Happy writing! X



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